Beyond the Bedroom Door

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Beyond the Bedroom Door issues a clarion call and helps bring insights and understanding into the realm of marriage. From understanding marriage as a covenant to what it really means to marry someone to knowing how to make things work, Beyond the Bedroom Door will assist you in your next steps as a married or yet to be married couple. It provides the key factors all couples must thinks about. Factors like having a vision and strategic growth plan for your marriage. I also helps you learn how to communicate with your mate and deal with conflict in the marriage. In this book you will discover how to light that intimacy spark again. It is a turn-by-turn guide that will help you to move from “I Do” to a happily ever after experience. The rare combination of rich scriptural insights and real-life illustrations addresses some of the core issues facing most relationships today. In this head turning and gut-honest book, Dr. Phil forces you to re-think everything and explore the possibilities for a relational revolution.

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