Our relationship was on the brink of collapsing when we reached out to the team at Relationship Lab. The intense sessions, even though they were extremely painful to attend, helped bring clarity to the issues we were experiencing. After 1 whole year of a coaching program designed to address our lack communication and conflict resolution, we have learned how to navigate our disagreements like adults instead of trying to destroy each other. I can’t thank Dr. Phil and his team for the lifesaving counsel he gave as well as the patience shown while helping us see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would highly recommend anyone reading this and may be facing some stress in your relationship to invite the Relationship Lab team to help you get right!

Marie & Steve L.

My husband was very reluctant to attend any type of coaching or counseling. He always feared being “beat up” or blamed for our issues. Someone recommended the Relationship Lab and everything changed! Dr. Phil listened to both of us during the first session and then wisely helped us identify where we were coming up short. After that first session, my husband and I could not stop talking about how we both need to work harder to become a better person before we can try to be a better spouse. We went through 6 months of marriage coaching, but have gained a lifetime worth of knowledge. Today, we are living in a happy relationship and it seems like arguments and fights have not only left our marriage, but we are now helping other couples find ways to experience the same thing. We owe the success of our marriage to the team at Relationship Lab and their friendly approach to helping people who don’t want to experience the pain of a broken relationship. Kudos Dr. Phil!

Nancy and Todd S

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